I have a lot of paintings that are not posted on my website.  Here are a selected few:


Here is Flushed.  36"x36"x1.5"  It is available at:  Saatchiart



The painting below is Ocean Clouds. It is stretched on canvas 76.25"x72"x2"and the sides are continuously painted. I think this one was painted in 2014.  It is available for purchase and prints  here at Saatchiart





The painting above is Seabird (available here Saatchiart) from 2011.  It was influenced by the same incident that The Sky is Falling (in orange) was.   The Sky is Falling and Seabird were influenced by the mass bird deaths new Years of 2011 near Beebe, Arkansas and various places worldwide. The terrible events were unusual. It happens but there are only theories to what caused the the birds to plunge to their deaths from "blunt force trauma" in 2011.  This painting (below) was shown at the Times Square Electronic "See Me" Billboard Event a couple of years ago and featured in the book on page 22 (Art Takes Times Square 2012).  This painting is available at Saatchiart.



Here is an overview of paintings below.