Here's one for #SharkWeek, Puking Plastic.  The Great white is vomitting Barbie.  Sharky does not like plastic. 

Barbie and her plastic amputated arm has been rejected by Sharky. We really NEED whale week as well. 

It's more than a week.  It's the  summer!  Save the oceans and marinelife!


Puking Plastic



Prints available here


Here's another which is off the stretchers now and rolled away in storage.  It's my tribute painting, the Legacy of Captain Charles Butler McVay III

of the USS Indianapolis.  It's acrylic on canvas, 5.5'x5'x2."


Sink or Swim.


Water Elephant 

Water Elephant.   Available Here



The Unknown.  96"x60"x2." More information



Invisible Frog. 60"x37"x2."




Into the Great Blue.  36"x60"x2."  Available Here

The Search:  JFK Jr.,... 96"x66"x2."  This painting is off the stretchers now and rolled up.