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The Sky is Falling

The Sky is Falling


The Sky is Falling.  69"x72"x1.5."  Acrylic on canvas.  This painting is available on Saatchiart.  I was thinking of actual birds falling from the sky New Year's Eve in Beebe, Arkansas.  This became an unknown unusual world mass bird death event since it started occurring shortly after that night across the globe at various times of day or night.  It happens but there are only theories to what caused the the birds to plunge to their deaths from "blunt force trauma" in 2011.   Please see Latest News links below... here is the link.  This painting was shown at the Times Square Electronic "See Me" Billboard Event a couple of years ago and featured in the book on page 22 (Art Takes Times Square 2012).

Ocean Clouds

Ocean Clouds


Ocean Clouds.  76.25"x72"x1.5."  Acrylic on canvas.  Available at Saatchiart

This painting was influenced by a summer visit to Florida a couple of years ago.  This painting barely fits through a doorway.  I was driving on the highway by the Atlantic during a sunset.  The view was absolutely spectacular!   The mornings were gorgeous on the coast as well.  The clouds by the ocean in the SE are really wild.  Please see Latest News links below... here is the link.

About Andrea

Andrea Allegrone is originally from Massachusetts and now resides just outside of Atlanta, GA.  She has lived in several states and has exhibited in several states as well as internationally. She enjoys the outdoors and is often inspired by natural formations and themes.

Artist Statement:

What drives my artwork? Well, it is difficult to describe in a couple of sentences. Yet, I will always become animated by thematic ideas and how I can express these visually with the underlying constant of "the unknown." The art seems to evolve and become alive as I paint it. This energy cannot be totally planned. There always exists an element of surprise. Whether this unknown factor becomes apparent with the last layer of paint or the way a specific color dries (interacts) remains to be discovered.

I have several thematic series that I currently work on concerning natural abstract forms. One of the most recent series of paintings, involves creating hybrid animals which in turn, are a part of me. Most of these creatures are fabrications. However, this fictitious/“unknown” or recently discovered animal on the canvas, which is part acrylic-stain, part brushstroke, part sand, and finished with a polycrylic, protective layers, embodies an unusual energy. A lot of my art appears spiritual and flows (literally through stain layers). Although I do not take an active interest in totemic topics, this apparent spiritual energy could exist subconsciously.

Generally, natural cyclical themes ranging from the “extremes” to states of transition to “the unknown” continue to inspire my artwork. However, I am also driven by current events and trends. Specifically, I have named a current (contemporary) trend, “Blue Flame.” The blue part of the flame has the higher temperature (faster electromagnetic particle properties and shorter wavelengths or “fields” of energy rather). Yet, the color blue somehow has a cooling, calming effect on the eye or psyche. This hot-cool property of “blue” is unusual and ironically characteristic of the water planet. I do not intend my art to be propaganda nor didactic. Ironically, this extreme trend can be both serious in nature or not. It can represent love, attraction, interest, destruction, rebirth, spirit, enlightenment, belief, etc. It is open to interpretation as a spark, on the verge of collapse, terminating a cycle, yet renewing another.

Brief Bio

I have sent several paintings all over the US for international and national juried exhibitions. My art has appeared in international publications (books and magazines), have won a couple of awards, and participated in a Biennale in Italy. I also had paintings shown on Times Square Billboard through Art Takes Times Square. I have a BFA in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design and a MFA in Painting from BU in IL. Despite the education, my abstract creations have a “raw” sense. One could call the art, Pseudo-Raw. Nobody teaches creativity or innate abilities. Discipline, study, and guidance may be achieved at school or on one’s own. A blend of Abstract Expressionism, Pop, and a tad of Surrealism influence my art. Conclusively, rather than formalize this brief biographic/ art introduction to death, I invite you, the viewer, to experience my paintings by looking for yourself and decide if it ignites a spark.

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